I was recently a graduate student in the Psychology department at the University of Victoria, and soon to be at Queens University. My research focuses on the motor system and its interactions with language and visual systems, which I study using a combination of computerized testing, mathematical modelling, and motion tracking. Broadly, I’m interested in understanding the ways in which task related information is used by the motor system when planning and executing movement.

My background is in statistics and mathematics, and I tend to enjoy projects that involve interesting or unusual analyses. A few of my side-projects involve or have involved using hierarchical Bayesian models to perform meta-analysis, using multi-scale multi-variate entropy measures to characterize EEG signal complexity in aging populations, and using quaternion algebra and matrix factorization models to analyze motion trajectories.

This blog is mostly a place for me to report on my research activities, as well as to write about neuroscience, statistics, modelling, and other assorted topics that interest me.

February 15, 2015