Echo-state networks in R

Echo-state networks (ESN’s) are a class of neural network designed to work with temporal data. I normally don’t like neural networks, since they rarely actually tell you anything interpretable about your data (and they pretty much just do regression anyway), … Read more

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Robust t-regression

I’ve been experimenting with techniques for robust regression, and I thought that it would be a fun excercise to implement a robust variant of the simple linear regression model based on the t-distribution.


The term “outlier” is used very … Read more

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Doing meta-analysis II

I recently collaborated on a meta-analysis investigating the effects of blast-related (i.e. *BOOM*) mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) on cognitive performance (Karr, et al. 2014). Each of the eight included studies used control and mTBI groups, and reported means and … Read more

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Doing meta-analysis I

Meta-analysis is, broadly, a set of statistical models for combining the results of several research studies in order to summarize the literature, or estimate an effect more precisely than can be done by a single study alone. The actual process … Read more

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