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I generally make an effort to bundle most of the code that I use repeatedly into packages for reusability. Many of them are works in progress, and only SPDM is in a more or less finished state.


Operations on the Riemannian manifold of symmetric, positive definite matrices (aka covariance matrices). Includes tools for estimation, interpolation, distance and mean calculations, and kernel methods.

Motion Toolkit

A side project of mine for the last while has been the development of a pipeline for the statistical analysis of three dimensional motion trajectory data, including both position and rotation, using dual quaternions. The motion toolkit so far includes a package seathree, which implements basic operations on dual quaternions, and seacurve (in progress), implementing an R6 class representing a three dimensional motion trajectory as a smooth dual quaternion curve. Also included is a package motionImport which allows importing a motion trial data from the .exp files exported by the motion monitor system in our lab, though this is unlikely to be of use to anyone with a different system. More details can be found on the project page.


R package implementing several forms of low rank matrix approximation, including an expanded version of the Population Value Decomposition (PVD) implemented by rTensor and proposed by Crainiceanu et al (2013), and several forms of generalized low rank approximation of matrices (GLRAM).


Weighted and unweighted symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization for undirected graph clustering.